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Mexico - Piki Piki Overland Blog
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Created: September 24, 2016, 03:49:40 AM   -   Last edit: October 02, 2016, 05:18:02 PM
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First off apologies for the late update. Many things have happened this last month.

Shit also happened! ;D

But let me start back in Mexico. The story goes like this.......
Tim was so cool to hook us up with a friend from San Francisco who is a native Mexican but also a permanent USA citizen. Coco and her family owns a house in Durango where her step dad still stays. Coco has a Duracell energy battery personality, fun to be around with.

When last have you drove or rode in ahttp://flashbak.com/days-of-the-shaggin-wagon-a-look-at-1970s-custom-vans-33431/\'" class="bbc_link" target="_blank" style="font-size: small;"> Shaggin wagon? Well, if you have never been in one or drove one it\'s one of those must do stuff in life. We know them from old 70\'2 & 80\'s porn and adult magazines our friends parents got when visiting the USA and had to smuggle the books back into South Africa. Nudity was a big no-no that time. And then some movies featured them and then of course the A-team van.

Coco wanted to take us to other family 200km away from Durango but her dad\'s farm truck is not good for me driving and them sitting on the back. Real redneck shit. Damn woman always wants luxury!

Her dad borrowed this shag pile carpet pimped Ford van with Kick-ass sound system, interior lighting, shag carpeting, Captains chairs, bed, louvres, spoilers, mag wheels, custom horns, CB radios, bespoke wood inlays and everything else from a 70\'s porn movie script. One thing though that things engine ticks like a Swiss watch. It\'s smooth, loads of power, drink fuel like a thirsty Camel and at 90mph can go the entire day.

Mrs Embarrassed and Mrs Dafuq had that typical hysterical giggles but as they sipped away on their Cool-aid they started to get into the vibe. It\'s a fun ride and I am damn pretty chuffed that I had the chance to drove a Shaggin like this. It\'s one of those cheesy things that one must do in life. Except this is fun. :sweeti:chace

I was the driver back to Durango, man you drive to keep focus with this van, the steering is not that direct  anymore. ;D

No trucker replied to my calls!

Stopped for some snacks. Pieces of grilled pork, fuck it was good tasting stuff!

Durango main plaza church. Normally a busy hive of activity.

Gotta love the Mexicans, such social people, just love it. Eating, drinking having a good time.

We rode to the coast via the Devil\'s backbone which is a crazy twisty road between Durango and Mazatlan. As asphalt roads come this one must be one of the best out there. They have a new toll highway between Durango and Mazatlan and one record breaking bridge. But that is all useless when you can carve the twisties.

We camped halfway as we got out of Durango a bit too late and we truly enjoyed the views dropping down to sea level.

Nothing much more beats camping. It\'s home 

Morning coffee........add whiskey when cold.

Our route for the short term was to hug the coast for a bit down to Sayulita and then back inland to Guadalajara and Tequila.

How can you be in Mexico and not go pay respects to original birth place of the drink that abused you as a youngster and the reason why you did so much dumb shit while quaffing on cheap Agave tequilana.;D

There\'s so many beach stops along this part of the Mexican West coast from Mazatlan to Acapulco and most are easy going low key establishments. Not those stupid tourist ugly as hell resorts as in Egypt or Mauritius or the Yucatan.

Sayulita is a bit more touristy but mostly due to Mexican people visiting. There\'s Canadian and some Americans but it\'s mostly made up of their own people. Sayulita has two sides to it. Over the bridge is the tourist side and on the other side is for the real deal. Less people, no nonsense drink beer on the beach types smoking weed.

It\'s a tough life ;D

There\'s many other non interesting photos to show but these photos are much more interesting.;D

Think warm summer sunsets with a slight breeze and the smell of sea air. :jkam

My land surveying skills haven\'t failed us yet. I close one eye and line up the area with my other eye and a thumbs up. :lol3
That was until two nights ago, and it nearly turned into a problem at 2am. We always make sure not to pitch the tent in an area if it rains that we don\'t end up drifting around in the tent on our inflatable mattresses.
It was raining cats and dogs. For some reason the photo is not doing justice to the depth of the water. And this small piece was the only dry area around the tent with water rising fast.
We did however got a spectacular lightning storm show.