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Tulum beach Cancun Mexico
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Created: April 24, 2017, 02:22:37 AM
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It is always a bit difficult to keep rational thoughts going when seeing so many new places so often. Sometimes it is nice people, sometimes shitty ones, rich countries  and poor as fuck African places. Or clean unspoilt landscapes and then to see massive deforestation. It is also difficult to not compare countries or places and always try and see the good or at least try and understand each place for what it is. And stay unbiased. But it is difficult not to form an opinion about a place, whether good or bad.
Some places are just really difficult to understand. Tulum in the Yucatan is one such place. Not as much the small little town but the stretch of road that borders the sea from the ruins to the nature reserve.
It is apprantly an eco piece of land. Now, everywhere we have travelled and it is a standing joke now. If a place is named "eco" or has the word eco in the name you can bet your bottom dollar it's an overpriced very basic setup with pit toilets and nothing much else. And most of the times the owner will be an European. Okay it's a generalization. But in all if you get to a place and eco is anywhere near their name or business drive on.

Which brings me to this stretch of "eco" road. The story goes as per the local camp owner that stretch of road was proclaimed by the local municipality as being eco. In other words must be kept wild and wonderful, so no water, sewage pipes or electricity from the town to that area. Except, everyday loads of water tankers trucks water into the place for the local hotels, restaurants and businesses. And loads of sewage tankers trucks out all the sewage. And then every business has a big ass generator because tourist can't sleep without AC. I talk 16cylinder monsters running day and night.

Because you know, eco.

And so this bullshit tourism attracts the bohemian -millennium - hipster - Insta - yoga - traveller.  All suited up with their GoPro cameras, wheeled suitcases or front and back backpacks and Ipads. And they pay stupid prices for this eco experience. It is a place where one can see how tourism made people stupid, or the otherway around.
That said, the beach is a beaut and beers are cold, thanks to eco.

In my humble beer expert opinion, this is damn fine beer. No need for craft beer at stupid prices made from Angel peepee. :beer:D

Despite the bullshit the place still has a very laid back vibe.