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Bacalar Mexico - Adios Mexico
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Created: April 24, 2017, 02:32:47 AM
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Bacalar-The Lake of Seven Colors

Our last days in Mexico we spend at Bacalar.
Bacalar is a jaw drop beautiful lake in the southern tip of Quintana Roo State. It is called the lake of seven colors because of the white sandy bottom that gives the effect of having so many shades of blue. It is a fresh water lake fed by underground cenotes, it does look like the ocean. The lake is about 55km from tip to tip and 2km at its widest point. Bacalar Lagoon is the second largest natural body of fresh water in Mexico.

Bacalar is quite a laid back place and seem not to have been discovered by the masses of fake hippies. There are a few but they look all authentic and real :lol3

The lake is on average 1.2m -2m deep with deep cenotes on the edges.  Because it is fresh water you can spend all day just drifting in the lake sipping Margaritas and beer. Amazingly if this lake was in the USA or elsewhere you would not been able to afford to sit there. It is a place for serious water sports yet there are none to be seen.

[USER=319722]@moto.phil[/USER] going bananas 

Adios Mexico!
We ended up in Mexico for just over 7,5 months. Mexico truly rates as one of the best countries we have visited and were privilege to experience. Absolutely zero happened, we had no incidents or bribe request. Not once were we screwed over by anyone. Mexicans are such easy going friendly people. Girls never gave me a days' shit for taking photos of them, even when I did not ask them. We could not keep count of the times we had invites for drinks and food from locals. Their culture the colours, landscapes, nature, art, history and warm heartedness is truly special and something to experience. 

I think we rode close to 10000km in Mexico from Baja through the Copper Canyon and everywhere else in that country. From places people told us not to go to tits up tourist places. The one thing that struck us big time is the fear mongering we got from folke in the USA. It is absolutely not even remotely as dire and dangerous as people makes it out to be. Ye..ye.. you have to keep your eyes open everywhere in the world. 

For Americans in my very humble opinion. You could not have asked for nicer neighbors than the Mexicans. They are real authentic, life wire, fire in the belly type people. Life in Mexico are still real and if you want to know what the world is like unsanitized and gritty and have a prickling adventure get your ass to Mexico! 

Have a bike and want to at least not look like a Starbucks runner?  I think every American adventure rider owe it to him or her self to at least once in their life do a trip to Mexico and get drunk on proper Tequila.

For people thats not so sure maybe try to go with people that knows Mexico and can speak Spanish. Hank from www.motohank.com do trips into Mexico with small groups and very personal type of setup. He is also from Mexican descent and can speak the language and knows Mexico like the back of his hand. Other well know guy that can do offroad trips is J.J. Lewis from https://good-adv.com/ his outfit does trips to the Copper Canyon which is mind blowing stuff and he is fluent in Spanish.