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Created: April 24, 2017, 02:39:56 AM
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Unfortunately Belize had to be a dash in and out country. As with Cuba it is an expensive country to travel even on your own transport and eating out of super markets. Also the first country we had to pay an exit fee.
The choice was to ride around for 2 weeks or park the bikes and spend 4 days on a small touristy but fun island off the mainland drinking beer and snorkeling with sharks and other interesting sea creatures. We opted for the later as it was holiday and close to year end.


It's a beautiful country from the bit we saw with abundance of wildlife and really easy going people.

Belize is part of the old British colonised countries and they speak English and Creole but many has learned Spanish as a second or third language. Why such a poor country is so expensive is quite strange.

The sacrifice stone at the Lamanai ruins near Orangewalk. I am sure that stone can still be used today for more sacrifices. But more specific for the dictator type of the world. 

Lamanai features three large pyramids, various restored stelae, and open plazas as well as a small but unique ball court. The site enjoys an isolated location in the jungle on the banks of the New River Lagoon, a river with numerous crocodiles.
“Lamanai” means “submerged crocodile” although doubts have been expressed recently as to the accuracy of this translation. The less poetic “drowned insect” has been put forward as an alternative. Still, the large numbers of crocodile representations found in carvings and inscriptions suggest that, whatever the true meaning, the animal certainly had a very important role in the local mythology. http://mayanruins.info/belize/lamanai-belize/

Ye he looks all selling sweets cakes and stuff. Except he is actually selling weed brownies:lol3

We went to Kay Caulker the small island off the coast of Belize city. It's a goofy place to swim with sharks and all sorts of sea creatures. And ofcourse it's full of raunchy hot youngsters with more money than brains and a lust for life...

Buckets full of goodness and good friends... and a friend Shaun picked up who also became a good friend :lol3

Dad can I use the car to take my girl to the movies? Why did we buy you a paddleboard?!